Cats are usually fans of routine, so any drastic changes to their daily life can have negative effects. When you plan on doing a major home remodel, even if the project is only temporary, you should not force your cat to endure numerous weeks or even months of strangers, loud noises, and discomfort at home. It is better to take your cat to a kennel, especially on the busiest days of the remodel.

Maintain Their Sense of Comfort 

One of your top priorities should be maintaining the sense of comfort that your cat feels at home. Since your home is where your cat resides at all times, you do not want their only home to stop feeling like home. Although they may not be fully comfortable with the idea of going to a cat kennel, which is expected for cats, you will find it better to continue having the place where you both live associated positively. On days where you are just doing some minor tasks after work or on a day off, you can keep them around. For busy days, it is best to plan ahead to know that your cat can stay at the same kennel every time.

Avoid Problems with Strangers

It is a little different working with professionals who happen to be strangers to your cat, compared to family or friends that they simply have not had enough time to get comfortable with being around. Instead of trying to make your cat feel comfortable with strangers, you can avoid this problem by making sure they are at a kennel whenever you have professionals over for remodeling .

Focus on the Project at Hand

By not having to worry about what your cat is doing or whether they are putting themselves in danger, you can strictly focus on the task at hand. It can lead to better remodeling results, and it can increase your productivity. It will also be much easier to have a number of professionals inside your home, moving around different parts of the house and working on projects without having to watch out for a cat.

Before sending your cat off to a kennel, you want to make it as comfortable as you can for them by bringing their favorite toys, treats, blankets, and spreading catnip throughout the carrier. Consider cat boarding as a solution to the problem of what to do with your cat during renovations. With your cat safe and sound, you can be highly productive on the days when you are mainly focusing on the house remodel.