Does your cat get stressed out when left alone for more than an hour or two? Maybe you come home from work to find curtains or pillows scratched or chewed, or perhaps your cat acts out in anger and urinates on your things while you're gone. If you have a cat who hates to be left alone, it's important to take steps to deal with the issue. After all, you can't stay home all day, every day just to keep your cat happy! Here are a few ways to start addressing the problem.

Take the cat to kitty daycare.

Kitty daycare centers, which allow you to drop off your cat in the morning and pick him up again at night, are a good solution for cats who just don't like being left alone. You may find that you only need to take your cat a couple of days per week. Once his overall time away from people decreases, he may feel more comfortable with you leaving him at home on the other days.

Look for a kitty daycare center, such as Animal Care Center of Forest Park that offers plenty of things for the cats to do during their stay. Toys, climbing centers, and even enclosed outdoor play areas will keep your cat busy. Make sure the center also offers plenty of human interaction so your cat does not feel alone during the stay.

Invest in more toys for your home.

Sometimes, the problem isn't so much that a cat is lonely -- but more that he feels bored while you're away. Invest in some fun new cat toys for your own home, and your cat may do a better job of staying occupied and calm while you're away. A toy that dispenses food as your cat bats it around will keep him busy for hours. You may also want to buy a toy with an automatically wiggling feather or string for your cat to bat at.

Have a friend stop by.

If taking your cat to a kitty daycare is not an option (some cats don't travel well), consider having the people come to him. Have a friend or family member stop by partway through the day and play with your cat for a few minutes. It's best if this is someone your cat knows and trusts. If you have a "new" person who is willing to stop by and see your cat, just introduce them to the cat a few times while you're also there before sending them over to take care of the cat alone.

If you've just begun leaving your cat home alone for long periods, keep in mind that it will take some time for him to get used to this. Implement one or more of the strategies above, and you will likely find that over time, your cat will become more comfortable with his alone time.