Purchasing a new horse trailer can be expensive, which is why you've decided to shop for a slightly used model. Purchasing a used horse trailer allows you to save money and ensures you procure a model that is safe and large enough to accommodate your horse. Here are a few tips to help you purchase a quality used horse trailer.

Create a Budget

The price of the trailer is a huge consideration, which is why before you start shopping, it's critical to create a realistic budget. Also consider how much time your horse will spend in the trailer, the distance you will travel, or if you're showing or riding your horse in competition. For example, if your budget is tight and you are traveling a short distance, a stock trailer is a feasible option.

Determine which features are a necessity. For example, if you are hauling more than one horse, a trailer with a padded divider might be critical. If you cannot find a used trailer that fits all your needs, set money aside to have the interior refurbished or upgraded to your specifications.

Consider Your Horse's Size and Comfort

Measure your horse from their muzzle to tail and from the bottom of the hoof to the top of its head. Choose a trailer that is large enough to accommodate your horse comfortably. However, avoid allowing too much room for your horse to move. If the horse can turn around and move around freely, they are more likely to injure themselves.

Conversely, if the horse isn't provided enough room, they can become stressed. The trailer's ventilation and insulation are two additional considerations.

The trailer should feature a sliding window and roof ventilation, especially if you are transporting your horse during the summer. Look for a trailer that is well-insulated, especially if it is manufactured from aluminum. Aluminum is a sturdy material, but doesn't provide adequate insulation.

Check the Used Trailer's Floor, Hitch, Tires, and Electrical System

Finally, because the trailer is used, examine every component to ensure it is functional. For example, examine the floor boards for any visible signs of rust or—in the case of wood floor boards—holes, cracks, or other damage. Check the tire tread for any signs of holes or damage. Finally, hook up the trailer to ensure the running lights and signals are working.

Purchasing a used horse trailer can save you money and ensure you purchase a model with the features you're after. You can contact a company such as Lakota of Ohio for more information or help finding a used horse trailer.