Many people find that pet ownership enriches their lives. A pet can provide companionship, fun, and hours of entertainment. When thinking about purchasing an animal, most people first think of dogs and cats. If you're a fan of reptiles, there's another option: ball pythons. Snakes are fantastic, unique pets, even for people who have never owned reptiles before.

Here are four reasons to look into ball pythons for sale:

1. They are low maintenance.

Snakes are low maintenance animals. They do require certain living conditions; snakes are cold-blooded like all reptiles, so they require an external source of heat, like a heat lamp. Once you have your snake's terrarium set up, there isn't much additional work required. Unlike a dog, you don't need to take your snake for a walk every day. Snakes eat infrequently, with many owners only feeding their snake once a week. This means that snakes make fantastic pets for busy people.

2. They come in countless colors.

Standard ball pythons are black or dark brown with copper spots. They have sleek, shiny scales that are beautiful when in motion. However, if you want a more colorful snake, you can have it. Ball python breeders can create uniquely colored snakes through selective breeding. These variations are called morphs. Ball python morphs can be yellow, white, green, and more. They may have spots or bands as part of their patterned coloration.

3. They are fascinating, beautiful animals.

Ball pythons are unlike most animals that people come across in their daily lives. Reptiles are fascinating to many people. The way they move is hypnotic, and it's easy to spend hours watching your favorite snake. If you have an interest in reptiles, snake ownership is a great way to indulge your fascination. You'll get to be up close and personal with a python of your own every day. You can learn a lot about snakes by observing and caring for one as a pet.

4. They are very safe.

Some people are nervous about owning a snake, even if they love reptiles. Snakes can come with a stigma. They're often portrayed as frightening or dangerous in popular media. However, ball pythons are very safe animals. Unlike some snakes, ball pythons are not venomous. A bite from a ball python may sting, but it won't harm you. Ball pythons are also quite docile. They're friendly to humans and tolerate handling very well.