The miniature schnauzer has been around for centuries. While it can trace its breed genetics back to the standard schnauzer, it is a different breed from the standards. The minis also have other small dogs as part of their foundation, including dogs like Affenpinschers. The whole goal behind creating this breed was to end up with a small, active dog that would be good for ratting problems on farms. Farmers had problems with rats getting into their crops, feed, and seed, and a ratting dog would be a good way to keep the rats under control. If you are interested in getting a miniature schnauzer, you might want to know more about the breed. 


These types of dogs are curious, which means that they are going to want to know what is going on in their vicinity at all times. That also makes them good guard dogs. However, the mini doesn't have the tendency to bite as some other guard dogs do. They are very friendly and loving dogs to their families, but it can take a little while for the dog to warm up to strangers, even after the stranger has been introduced as a friend. It's not that they are timid with strangers, it's more that the dog is going to hold itself a little aloof. The miniature schnauzer is also intelligent, which can make them easy to train and can mean that you have to do something that will keep them busy and interested. A bored dog can be a problem. 


The breed standard is 11-14 inches tall, depending on if they are male or female. They weigh between 11 and 20 pounds, and that is the standard for both males and females. The coat can vary, depending on if you are stripping and brushing them by hand or if you have them clipped and cut. If you decide to have the dog hand stripped, the dog's coat is more likely going to end up harsh and wiry. That coat was designed to help protect them while they were ratting. If you get your dog clipped and cut, then their hair is going to be softer and more curly. That choice is going to be down to personal preference. 

A miniature schnauzer can be a good choice for a family dog. If you are going to get one of these puppies, make sure that you get them through a responsible breeder so that you are going to get a healthy puppy. Keep these tips in mind when looking for miniature schnauzer puppies for sale near you.