Having a reptile as a pet is quite different from owning a mammalian pet, like a dog or cat. Reptiles live in cages, they have scales rather than fur, and while they tend to be quite slow and docile, they do have pretty fun personalities in their own right. Some reptiles are hard to care for and are therefore not a wise choice for beginners. Thankfully, though, the following reptiles tend to be wise choices for first-timers to buy.

Crested Geckos

Crested geckos are a widely sold species of lizard known for the raised scales along the crest of their neck. They are considered one of the easiest species of lizards to care for. They can live in a small tank, and they'll climb the sides, which is pretty entertaining. Crested geckos are docile and friendly. Most are willing to be petted and even held once they get used to you. They do require temperature regulation because they are cold-blooded reptiles, but in most cases, a low-wattage light bulb will do the trick.

Bearded Dragon

If you want a somewhat larger lizard, look for a bearded dragon. These lizards are very affectionate, which makes them a good choice for first-time owners. They do need a larger enclosure due to their larger size, but they're easy to feed with commercially available mealworms and insects. Bearded dragons are one of the few lizards who are diurnal — awake during the day — which is nice because you get to see them active and aware.

Red-Eared Slider

If you'd prefer a turtle to a lizard, a red-eared slider is the way to go. This is the easiest type of turtle to find in most areas. It's named for the red stripes on the side of its head. Red-eared sliders require a tank with some water in it as they are semi-aquatic. They only need to be fed every two or three days once they mature, which keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Corn Snake

If you'd like a snake, a corn snake is likely the best choice for a first-time owner. Corn snakes are orange and yellow in color, and quite small. They don't strike or bite often, are not venomous, and have quite the personality. They are, however, skilled at escaping their enclosure, so you need to invest in a secure tank with a heavy lid.

You should be able to find all of these reptiles for sale on this list pretty easily. They're all common pets and are a good choice for anyone new to owning reptiles.