You have many options when it comes to purchasing a cat. One option is purchasing a Maine coon. Below is information about this breed so you can decide if they would make a good addition to your family. 

Great for Families

Maine coon cats are loving and kind. They love attention and will be in the middle of anything your family does. These cats are much larger than your standard cat, but they are known gentle giants. You can expect your cat to be your shadow as they will follow you around your home as you move around. If you have children, this is the perfect cat for them. This is because they will be gentle around small children and love to play with older ones. You do need to be careful as you walk around throughout the day as you may step on your cat as it will stay so close to you. 

These cats are intelligent and love to play and have fun. You will find they continue to stay much like a kitten even after they become full-grown. They are not aggressive and many do not mind being picked up and held. 

Living With a Maine Coon

A Maine coon needs a family that will spend time with them and be affectionate. They also need a family that will take time to play with them every day. They prefer not to be left alone during the day. For example, if you have a full-time job and your cat will be home alone much of the time, they will not be happy, and they can become anxious. They are best for homes that have someone with them during the day. 

You may be surprised to find Maine coons love water, unlike most cats. This makes it much easier if your cat becomes extra dirty and needs a bath. This may happen because they love to be outside. You could even put a leash on them and walk them. 

Maine coons are large, so you may expect them to be loud. They are not, however, as they are quiet much of the time. When they do talk, they talk softly. They also make different sounds when compared to the standard "meow."

Find a breeder that sells Maine coon cats in your area or online. You should also visit rescues in your area as you may find a Maine coon there that needs a home.